We are committed to deliver only the best products to our clients, made completely by hand by artisan Colombian craftsmen, always working with the best lumber, steel and production techniques


Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is our specialty. This furniture is made with the best materials, which are selected from reforested woods, cut and treated as part of a high quality process.  We work mainly with cedar and oak, as they are some of the best types of wood for this kind of furniture, but we can also offer you different kind of lumber.

wooden 2

Living room set with  an oak coffee table.

wooden 2

Coffee table made of pine and steel, painted with powder coating.

wooden 9

Living room set, with  a pine coffee table.


Closet and cabinets made of oak. 

prueb a 12-1

10 seater dining table with textile-finished chairs.

wooden 2ad

Dining table made of solid oak.


cabon 7

Kitchen cabinets made of painted solid wood, finished with glass doors and aluminum handles.

cabin 1

Built in library, made of painted solid wood. 

cabin 2.1

Wooden closet with special watercolor paint.

cabon 3
cabon 4.1

Built-in oak closet (9 x 6 feet).

cabon 8

Cedar bookcase with an incorporated desk.  

cabon 9

Cedar cabinets with glass doors. 

Floors & Stairs

floor 2

Marble floors are one of our specialties. In collaboration with MOSAIC ROMA, we make and deliver marble mosaics from Colombia.

floo 1

Hydraulic tiles are special handmade tiles, which are great for kitchens and bathrooms.

floor 4

Sapán wooden floor, made and installed by Born in Wood.

floor 3

Sapán wood architectural finishes, such as windows, doors and shelves.

floor 5

Sapán stairs.

floor 8

Chimney with stone finishes.

floor 7

Wooden ceiling for a bathroom. 

floor 6

Sapán stairs. 

We specialize in custom-made furniture; therefore we are able to help you manufacture any products you might need for any upcoming project. 

You can send us your requirements and specifications, which will be thoroughly analyzed by our Production & Design Department.

Our experts will promptly send you a quotation and will subsequently be available to make any adjustments you might request.

Request a Quotation

Please send us your plans or photos including measurements and details such as: type of finishes, color, assembly of pieces, degree of distress, special joints, type of wood, among or others.  

If you do not have the exact specifications for the kind of furniture design that will best fit your space, just let us know your ideas and estimated budget. Our specialized team will then be able to present you with a range of options in line with your suggestions