This house is located in the Torrelaguna Urbanization, in the city of Medellin, at 1,500 meters above sea level in the tropics, with warm temperatures throughout the year and with alternate sunny and rainy hours daily.

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Torrelaguna is in the neighborhood of El Poblado, which was formerly made up of houses with one to three floors with large green areas. Today, many of these properties have been replaced by buildings of 10 and 20 floors and the amount of greenery has decreased considerably.  However, there are some areas in this neighborhood, such as this urbanization, with single-family houses, grouped around common green areas and each with its own patio or garden. In the case of Torrelaguna, it also has the advantage of being by the Campestre Golf Club, a central part of the city.

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Medellín is characterized as being a city surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of the Colombian mountains, as well as winning the accolade of most innovative city in the world in 2015.

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This closeness to nature has served as a source of inspiration to carry out a complete renovation of the space, for which we provided the furniture. As part of this renovation, the interior spaces were enlarged, seeking to open up the interior area, rooves were raised, and skylights were made in ceilings and walls to facilitate the use of natural light throughout the house. This was in order to create living and study spaces with lots of natural light to allow for computer work and the use of television in full comfort.

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An important part of this renovation was the installation of large sliding doors that are entirely hidden inside the walls when they are open, facilitating the total integration between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the house and the garden that surrounds it. A spacious and bright kitchen environment was also created, to be the social hub and heart of the house.

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In the side part of the garden, a stone table was installed in an area that flows into one of the bedrooms, when its 10-foot sliding door is opened. The table receives natural light, tinged with the shadow of a coal miner medillnensis, a beautiful and delicate local tree. Towards the back of the garden, the client wanted to give a more intimate ambience, so a small pond was created in a corner, with water lilies and flanked by a palm tree and two mango trees. At the other end of the garden, another large round table was supplied, to create a fully integrated space with the master bedroom, when its sliding door is hidden inside the wall. A rectangular table was placed near to this round table. Finally, thinking of the children in the family, two smaller tables were also placed in front of the French windows of the other two bedrooms facing the garden. The back garden is covered with grass and has some natural stone steps placed in a grid. The combination of grass and stones gives the feeling of walking on a chessboard and facilitates the use of the garden in the rainy season.

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Elements made by Born in Wood for this project:

Interior area.

  • Natural cedar frames for 5 doors
  • 5 cedar doors
  • Two built-in wardrobes (closets) with sliding doors, both of cedar
  • 15-foot-long dresser
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • Stone floors for the kitchen and 5 bathrooms
  • Stone veneering for 5 bathrooms
  • Sapán wood floors for the living room, dining room and study
  • Sapán wood ceilings
  • Sapán covering connecting the entrance area, living room and dining room with the study and bedrooms
  • Sapán spiral staircase, connecting the studio  and the kitchen (below).
  • Exclusively designed hydraulic tiles for the bedrooms and passages
  • Kitchen furniture in general, including a large cabinet and a large cupboard

Garden area.

  • 2 x 2 foot stone steps
  • A stone table with stone benches
  • 6 x 6 foot pond
  • Two low cement tables covered with stone tiles
  • 4 iron small chairs (for children)
  • A round iron table with a glass top
  • Four high iron chairs for the round table
  • A rectangular iron table with a stone top
  • Two garden benches