Outdoor spaces need special kinds of furniture, made to weather the elements and differing climates, which is why we work with specific materials in order to be able to design and produce high quality products that you can use in any season.

Steel & Wood Furniture

sillas meticas

Steel table and chair set with powder coating treatment.

Mobiliario exterior2

Outdoor steel-frame couches, upholstered with waterproof textiles

exterior 3

Dining table set made of treated teak and steel.

exterior 4

Treated teak coffee table.

Stone Furniture

This stone tables has been completely made of unique colombian stones by expert artisans.

piedra 2
piedra 3
piedra 1.1

Special Projects

Kiosks and pergolas are the most common of all the special projects we undertake


This steel pergola was made for a special project in Barcelona, inspired by the style of classic French pergolas. 


Floor and Decks


Marble floor mosaics, architectural finishes and special mosaic projects. If you want to know more, please visit: www.mosaicroma.com

Deck 1

Wooden floors made of teak, oak or cedar planks, perfect for pools and garden spaces.